What's new in Color Engine 14?

What is new in Color Engine 14?


spectroSupport for eXact Spectro

  • The eXact is a high accuracy spectrophotometer from x•rite, designed for professional prepress and pressroom applications.
  • High accuracy
  • Supports multiple measurement modes
  • M standards allow correct handling of substrate with OBA’s
  • Recommended device for PantoneLIVE workflows
  • USB interface



XRGA and measurement standards

XRGA is a standard for measurement devices

  • Significantly reduces error between different device models
  • New x•rite instruments all measure to the XRGA standard

Color Engine Pilot will convert old profile measurements to XRGA

  • Allows existing databases to be adapted to the new standard

Color Engine records measurement conditions for profiles


Profile compare tool

Compare two profiles

  • useful to decide on quality of measured data, for example
  • Inspect details of the patches…
  • View ∆E using a choice of formulae
  • Highlight patches of primaries, patches with high ∆E…


profile compare tool


Refine inks wizard for FlexProof

  • An important aspect of proofing (particularly with the increased use of PantoneLIVE) is the accurate representation of spot inks.
  • The wizard automates the process of making these spot inks more accurate, saving a lot of time for the customer.
  • The wizard works with spectral data so retaining all the advantages of Esko’s Color Engine such as ink profiling and spot color overprint model.


refine inks wizard for FlexProof


  • The wizard allows iterative refinement of inks, based on measured values.
  • Select a large number of inks to refineat one time.
  • Test charts are automatically generated for the proofer.


select inks


  • Set the desired ∆E tolerance.
  • After each iteration, a comprehensive report is displayed showing how accurately each spot ink is being matched, as well as overall statistics.
  • Out of gamut inks are indicated by a warning triangle.
  • With this wizard, Color Engine and FlexProof are an excellent proofing solution for PantoneLIVE.


set the desired deltaE tolerance


Quality and reliability improvements for FlexProof

  • Updated 'Check and recalibrate' function
  • Includes a linearization step to improve accuracy of the proofer
  • Standard profiles can be used
  • Profiles can more easily be transferred between devices
  • Ease of use!


check and recalibrate


  • Improved profiles and linearizations
  • Smoother separations and gradations
  • Larger color gamut, especially in green colors
  • Improved Quality!


larger color gamut


Equinox enhancements

Tool in Color Engine Pilot to print a color swatch book

  • Select one or two Equinox strategies, and an ink book (eg Pantone book)
  • The tool generates a PDF file showing the inks as they are converted via Equinox
  • Print this PDF to obtain a “Pantone like” swatch book
  • When choosing 2 strategies you get “split patches” (for example showing a CMYK conversion vs a CMYKOGV conversion of the ink)

Extra control for Blue-Black builds

  • Only avoid Blue-Black mix when the tone values are between 10% and 80% for example
  • No need to avoid mix for very large or very small tone values (no risk of moiré)

Display color values in Lch

  • as alternative to Lab


New PANTONE+ colors

  • The Color Engine now includes the 336 additional colors that were added to PANTONE+ in 2012
  • The Color Engine also includes 84 new PANTONE+ colors that were announced by PANTONE in March 2014
  • These colors have numbers from 2337 to 2427
  • The data for earlier PANTONE+ colors has not been changed
  • These new colors will be automatically installed on updating to Suite 14

 new PANTONE+ colors