What's new in ArtPro 14?

What's new in ArtPro 14?

Introducing ArtPro+, a brandnew 64bit application focussed on quality control of artwork and prepress files.
ArtPro+ is a companion application of ArtPro 14 and PackEdge 14 at no additional cost, running on Mac and PC.


ArtPro 14 contains the following improvements:


Support for Global Coupon Number standard

  • Support for GCN in GS1 DataBar Expanded & stacked barcodes

support for global coupon number standard


Updated PANTONE+ Colors

  • ArtPro 14 now includes the 336 additional colors that were added to PANTONE+

 updated PANTONE+ colors


Korean Language Support

  • The user interface of ArtPro is now available in Korean


Supported operating systems

supported operating systems


ArtPro+ companion application

  • This release of ArtPro includes a first version of the new editor that Esko is developing based on a brand new 64 bit application framework.
  • At this stage ArtPro+ is a 'companion application' of ArtPro with limited functionality focused on quality control of artwork and separations.
  • Frequent updates of ArtPro+ will be released each time extending its functionality to gradually cover all key functions of ArtPro. This will allow you to become familiar with the new editor and decide when the time is right for you to switch from ArtPro to ArtPro+.
  • ArtPro+ currently uses the same software license as ArtPro 14. Only one license is required to run both applications on the same computer.

ArtPro+ Features


open PDF and ArtPro files

interactive densitometer

measure distances and dimensions

highlight TAC overshoot