What's new in ArtiosCAD 14?

What's new in ArtiosCAD 14?


New and larger icons

new larger icons



Nicking Improvements

Outputting to rule benders

nicking improvements 

Fill path / line:

  • Can fill a line or path with nicks
  • Fills the path if lines are already grouped into a path
  • If the lines are not already grouped into a path, select a path by clicking the start line and the end line


fill a path with nicksnicking improvements detail

Flexible options

  • specify the offset of the first nick or set of nicks from either or both ends of a line or path
  • separately change the number of nicks in a set and the number of sets

  flexible options

Other enhancements

  • The maximum number of nicks on a line is increased from 20 to 120
  • A nicked line or path can be designated as tear or indent only for 3D
  • Minor change in the Group Sequence tool if the lines are cuts


Universal Bolt Hole Patterns

  • select holes more quickly and efficiently.
  • reduce the time it takes to make a die-board.
  • create a wood edge around the sheet with expected proper horizontal split to begin the hole selection process when starting the tool.
  • adjust all elements like: die edge, die splits, layout position and rotary bolt holes patter position, and modify bolt holes with a single tool.
  • start in die-board layer, die-split will be added if necessary, if die-board doesn’t exist.
  • Show good and all holes options
  • Select/deselect individual holes (allow drag rectangle)
  • Select/deselect rows and columns
  • Delete holes
  • Select individual holes with symmetry about split option.

universal bolt hole patterns


Overall dimension tool of Bezier curves

overall dimension tool of Bezier curves


quickly measure bounding box of designs with Bezier curves






Artwork panels interaction with 3D

set artwork panel to bottom panel for 3d


Realistic Folding of Re-Board®

  • remove top layer with graphics

realistic folding of Re-Board


  • zero-degree fold

zero degree fold in Re-Board


Enhancements in ArtiosCAD Enterprise:
Additional BOM Support

Auto include documents to the BOM when saving or copying:

  • saves the designer time of opening the BOM dialog and changing the settings

auto include to BOM

Add non-ARD’s to a BOM:

  • allows for complete BOM to be defined in ArtiosCAD
  • including graphic files, clips, hooks, inserts, etc.
  • no need to create extraneous ARD document just to include it in a BOM

add non ard's to a BOM

“Open all” documents in a BOM – simple one-click:

  • single click will open all BOM documents
  • will save much time over opening each file individually

open all documents in a BOM


Enhancements in ArtiosCAD Enterprise:
Enterprise Browser GUI Improvements

Run outputs & exports from the browser:

  • run an output on document
  • search results from the browser
  • run exports on project documents from the browser
  • run a project BOM report from the browser
  • no need to open each document in ArtiosCAD before running an output, export or report
  • eliminates a lot of wasted steps/time

Run outputs exports

Document count on folders:

  • see the number of documents in folders (as in WebCenter)
  • eliminates the need to select a folder first, just to see there are no documents in it

document count on a folder

Edit document details from the browser:

  • no need to open the document to change document details like attributes & characteristics
  • eliminates the wasted time of opening and saving a document just to change details
  • prevents new version being created when document details (meta data) are changed

edit document details from the browser

Additional features:

  • ArtiosCAD honors the project statuses as set in WebCenter. Only the project status as defined in the template will be accessible. This eliminates the risk of using an invalid status.
  • Save Collada as native WebCenter file type with thumbnail. That way Collada files will have a thumbnail preview of the 3D image.
  • Native Collada viewing for 3D files – no more Cortona plug-in needed.

additional enterprise enhancements