What's new in Plato 14

Grid-based S&R improvements

The 'Continuous' option in the grid properties has been adapted.

Bearer bar positioning
Two named objects are now created when making a grid-based S&R These correspond to the most left and right columns of stations They can be used as reference to attach SmartMarks like bearer bars, e.g. for staggered grids.

Bleed masking on continuous grids
When creating layouts for continuous printing, the masks for the top and bottom stations need to be the same as for the stations in the middle of the grid, otherwise content can get clipped away. When activating the ‘continuous’ option in the grid properties, an extra station on top and at the bottom of every column will now be generated. These extra stations will be clipped away by the media box (or staggered cut line), but they will force the 'Adjust Mask' operation to treat these stations in the same way as stations in the middle of the grid.



New Pantone+ Colors

Plato now includes the 336 additional colors that were added to Pantone+ in 2012


Ink Coverage

There is a new option in the ink coverage dialog: "All inside Die”. This will limit the ink coverage calculation to the area inside the station's die shape.