What's new in Studio 14

New in Studio Toolkit

New bag types

Improved Gusseted Bag: the Gusseted bag has an updated back seal functionality. The seal can now be positioned in any place on the back of the bag.

gusseted bag 

Tetrahedral Bag: The Tetrahedral Bag is a special version of the pillow bag. The big difference is that the top and bottom seals are turned 90 degrees towards each other.

Tetrahedral Bag  

Quattro Seal Bag with Back Seal: It is identical to the Quattro Seal Bag but no longer has a "hidden" back seal in one of the four corners but on the back of the bag.

Quattro Seal Bag

2D Dimensions

Add dimensions and measurements to your 2D view and then export those to Adobe Illustrator. 

2d dimensions in studio

New in Studio Visualizer

Visualizer is now also available as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.


New in the Studio Viewer Mobile app

The Studio Viewer app now offers augmented reality. It allows you to present and view Esko generate packaging models in augmented reality on your iPad.

augmented reality packaging

New in Studio Store Visualizer

Performance enhancements: the overall viewing performance is increased. This will be very noticeable when many 3D models are in view in large store environments, like the new Esko Supermarket.

Studio Store Visualizer will ship with 3 new custom environments that can be used as are or to be used as a starting point and adjusted and to the customers needs. For instance, there's a large supermarket with an external environment, a mini mall with 3 different shops, dynamic walls, unique lightning ... Each store in the Mini Mall will have a different look and feel, Convenience store, Apparel/Sports store, Boutique/premium store.

Esko & Vtales have generated these stores with a Custom Store Generation Service that is also available to customers of Studio Store Visualizer.

Store Visualizer

Store Visualizer