What's new in DeskPack 14?

New bundles

Dynamic Barcodes

Dynamic Barcodes

Prepress Essentials for Illustrator

Barcodes, BoostX, Preflight, Viewer, Channel Mapping, Image Extractor, PDF Import, Screening, White Underprint, Instant Trapper

PowerLayout for Illustrator

PowerLayout, PDF Import, Dynamic Marks, Seamless Repeat

PowerTrapper for Illustrator

PowerTrapper, White Underprint

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content, Dynamic Barcodes, Dynamic Tables, Dynamic Information Panels

PowerTrapper Client

PowerTrapper Client (requires server), White Underprint

PowerLayout Client

PowerLayout Client (requires server)

DeskPack For Illustrator Subscriptions

With Suite 14, DeskPack software products will be available as subscriptions as well as regular perpetual licenses - subscriptions are available in Europe (EMEA) only.

With monthly and yearly plans, subscriptions allow for maximum flexibility low investment threshold your software is always up to date Access to Esko Knowledge-Base, training materials and tutorials!


Ink Manager – Preferences for Spot Inks

Possibility to specify default values for screen angle and screen ruling for all spot inks.


Dynamic Marks

Dynamic marks has some new functionality:

  • Simply reorder Dynamic Marks in the palette by Drag&Drop.
  • There's a new option for Barcode, Text and Grid Mark.You can now add White Underprint, for Grid Marks you can choose to add underprint to the marks or even to the entire sheet height.
  • New placement option Grid Mark in rows and columns






Advanced Text Attributes

With Dynamic Barcodes you can now apply any available font-type to the human readable text. You can define font properties such as family, style, size and vertical offset. For a number of codes, the alignment can be changed as well.


Dynamic Barcodes - SICK barcode

Dynamic Barcodes now supports SICK barcodes. The code entry defines the number of bars.
  • For binary entries the leading zeroes are taken into account
  • For decimal entries the notation “X/Y”, where X is the number of bars and Y is the encoded number, is applied.

Inspection Setup – Supporting systems for print inspection

There's new functionality included in our free Data Exchange plug-in. It allows you to define the areas inside the artwork and mark them  as references for color inspection through print process control systems.

PowerLayout Standalone

A new die shape option enables the repetition of an one-up based on its die cut separation. The bleed will in this case follow the shape of the die.