What's new in Automation Engine in Suite 14


The new Connect functionality offers a new framework for all suite components that need integration. This means that MIS, web stores, finance and shipping systems can all be integrated. It is a scalable solution (which is customizable with solution services) but there's no need for custom development.

In short: Automation Engine Connect is a module on Automation Engine. It’s a toolkit that allows integration from a third party product with an Esko component.


Link to Inspection Systems

There's a new inspection task on Automation Engine, it creates a JDF that can be interpreted by the inspection system. 

This task comes with a number of benefits:

  • Faster setup time of inspection device
  • It's essential when dealing with short runs and variable printing
  • It drives the inspection upstream
  • It helps reporting for brand owners

Variable Data

Expansion on the server allows customers driving variable data jobs on all types of digital presses on the production floor. A shared technology between expansion on the server or on the different DFE’s allow a centralized and solid solution

The expansion task creates PDF/VT files. This is an expanded file that contains both the static elements + all variables in a multipage PDF document The input for this task is a Variable Data Template (VDT), created in Adobe Illustrator with Esko’s Dynamic VDP plugins.


Deployment and Diagnostics


  • As the Application server - which was previously installed as a prerequisite - is now built-in, installation is faster and easier.
  • And because the Application server component is now part of Automation Engine, less training and less system maintenance is required.
Diagnostics tab


  • Errors can be handled easier through clear messaging .
  • A Diagnostics tab has been added to the server pages. This provides an immediate feedback on the status of all Automation Engine databases.
  • The Connection Doctor helps detecting possible issues on the server.


Automating Color Tasks

Manage color tasks allows ink savings through a brand new UCR/GCR technology. There's also the possibility to convert fixed ink sets with the Convert to Equinox task.


Tight Integration with WebCenter

The integration between Automation Engine and WebCenter is tighter.


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