Prepare your packaging for the new EU food information regulation

Pale Al dumpedEffective by the end of 2014 new food packaging regulations will considerably change the legislation on food labeling in Europe. The collection of the stipulations goes by the name ‘EU Regulation 1169/2011’. The legislation applies to all food and beverage products manufactured and imported into the EU. Failure to comply with the packaging and labeling requirements could lead to expensive product recalls and legal claims.

The new packaging regulations have strict guidelines on how and where critical food information is displayed on the product labeling and packaging.


Awareness campaign

Healthy Kate never made it onlineEsko launched an awareness campaign with a twist, featuring some animated figures: Pale Al, Healthy Kate, Sweet Candy and Robert le Camembert. The objective is to bring the stricter rules, which come from the new EU packaging regulation, to the attention of brand owners and packaging designers.

Esko software provides the entire packaging supply chain with just the right tools to comply with the EU food information regulation in a streamlined, efficient and profitable way.

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