Video: How Cape helps to reduce shipping cost

Brad Leonard  talks to What They Think's Pat Henry and takes him through the concept of palletization and how Cape pallet loading software helps you to reduce shipping costs. Check out the video at

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Cape palletization software

About Cape palletizing software

Cape Pack Cape Pack is a modular suite of pallet design software to help determine the best product size, case count, case size and pallet load. Companies around the world are using Esko’s Cape Pack palletization software to reduce their shipping and transportation costs.

Cape Pack helps you:

  • Design the optimum product size
  • Evaluate alternative case sizes
  • Maximize pallet loading
  • Create a sustainable packaging supply chain
  • Improve space utilization
  • Cut transportation costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce the number of trucks on the streets

CAPE PACK palletization software