Ansell adopts Esko WebCenter

Being a global leading supplier in personal health and safety protection solutions, Ansell produces approximately 10.000 SKUs. This results in numerous complex packaging projects with many language, size and regional variations.


Packaging requirements for a portfolio of global products

Ansell’s internal system for managing the packaging production required users from across the globe to manually handle communications, track versions, and approvals.

This process was time consuming and cumbersome, taking anywhere from 60 to 90 days to create a package.


Bringing stakeholders together

To bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to the process, Ansell sought out the packaging production expertise and solutions offered by Esko.

Ansell adopted Esko WebCenter, a unique and powerful web-based platform that manages packaging pre-production specification, approval and project life cycle.

Ansell WebCenter

Ansell adopted Esko WebCenter and branded it as the Ansell WebCenter

Each stakeholder in Ansell’s process now has better control over the aspects of the package they are responsible for, such as brand guidelines and legal or regulatory content control.


An impressive improvement

Less than a year after adopting WebCenter, Ansell has experienced a 50% decrease in the amount of time it takes to produce a package. Implementing a change can now take as little as 21 days.

Ansell VersaTouch Packaging

Once all approvals have been secured, the project gets final approval from the Project Manager and is automatically sent to production


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About Ansell

Ansell is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human well-being. A global company, Ansell employs more than 13.000 people in operations in North America, Latin America/Caribbean, EMEA and Asia. Ansell’s global position as the leading supplier of personal protective equipment and medical gloves, combined with their line of products for sexual wellness, means the company produces approximately 10.000 SKUs.

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