Esko innovation awarded with 2 Intertech awards!

Full HD Flexo platemaking system and Equinox, Esko´s solution for the implementation of extended gamut printing, are both recipients of 2014 Printing Industries of America InterTech™ Technology Awards.




Esko Full HD Flexo: superior flexo printing plates

Esko Full HD Flexo is a platemaking system for superior flexo printing for all packaging applications. It utilizes a patented, fully digitally controlled platemaking system combining high-resolution 4000ppi imaging with a unique inline UV main exposure unit. An LED-array delivers UV power density strong enough to fully control the plate polymerization process during main exposure. For the first time, flexo plates are imaged, exposed and delivered directly to the plate processor, without need for light table exposure. Read more about Full HD Flexo.

 Full HD Flexo benefits


Esko Equinox: Proving the viability of extended gamut printing

Equinox Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) Technology is Esko’s patented technology for converting packaging graphics from CMYK and spot color to seven-color process. It is applied in the prepress department when preparing jobs for press. Converting entire files results in extremely close matches to spot colors, improved pictorial images, and the ability to print more colors than available ink stations on the press, resulting in improved image quality and brand impact. 

“While people tried to promote extended gamut printing in the past, it had been dedicated to offset, where printers might not have ample press units to take advantage of the technology. However, flexo presses have seven, eight or more units already – and it is significant for companies that are working to match brand colors,” states Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America. “While this technology is used with other print methods, it was developed specifically for flexo. The industry is ready to embrace this technology. It beats managing specially-mixed inks.” Read more about expanded gamut printing with Equinox.


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