What's new in WebCenter 12.1?

New functionality

  • Bill of Materials (BOM):
    BOM support in WebCenter makes it immediately clear what will be created/delivered with a project.
  • Barcode and braille reader:
    braille and barcode readers in the viewer  to verify braille and barcode content.
  • CAD file comparison in WebCenter Viewer
  • Calendar View:  
    Show a list of projects mapped on a calendar, see immediately what projects need attention. The calendar view is configurable and reusable as a saved search.


Ease of Use

  • Annotation overview
    Quick - printer-friendly- view of annotations without going into the viewer.
  • Customization:
    Customize your WebCenter with a dedicated user interface, change logo’s, color schemes, fonts etc. Organize your menus with an easy drag and drop interface.
  • Workflow ‘Canvas’ improvements:
    The workflow in WebCenter is enhanced with  retry, stop & start functions.


Performance Improvements

WebCenter 12.1 comes with performance improvements:

  • More concurrent users without comprising performance
  • Search is 50% to 94% faster
  • Projects list load much faster: e.g. a page with 80000 projects loads in 2 seconds were it used to take 30+ seconds