When MIS and prepress integrate seamlessly

For over a year now, Dutch label specialist Geostick brings its productivity and responsiveness to a higher level. While implementing CERM's MIS solution in its sales and order department, the prepress department started using Esko’s Automation Engine at the same time.

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Eliminate manual handling

Cees Schouten, Geostick

Cees Schouten, Geostick Technical Director, gives a great example of how Geostick immediately benefited of the implementation of Esko’s Automation Engine and CERM’s MIS solution:

“Some months ago, we got in a new, large account for who we had to put about 350 new items into our system, ready for production. With the old process, each item would have taken us at least 20 minutes in prepress. But now, the job information and PDF file are automatically extracted from CERM, automatically preflighted and proofed and sent to the digital press without any manual handling. We could never have done the job this fast and this accurately without the new integrated system in place.”

Increase productivity

The increase in productivity has been impressive, adds Schouten, “Before, most of our prepress team members spent 20 to 30 hours extra per month to get all the work done. By the end of last year, we managed to eliminate overtime and one of our prepress employees has taken a different position within the company, since we can handle the prepress workload with fewer people and still have capacity to take in more work.”

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What can Automation Engine do for you?

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About Geostick

Geostick is a family-owned company, founded in 1924 by Mr. PJ Berveling, grandfather of the current owner. Geostick is a leading full-service provider of (self-adhesive) labels, active in the Benelux market. Next to the design and production of (self-adhesive) labels, Geostick also offers (customized) labeling machines, label printers, foil, software as well as service and maintenance.