The Kongsberg XP Auto: the perfect companion for your wide format printer

The Kongsberg XP Auto is a fully automated die-less finishing machine for packaging and point-of-purchase displays. Talk to a Kongsberg specialist.

The Kongsberg XP Auto comes with automatic loading and unloading and offers the highest digital converting capacity available on the market. It is the perfect complement to a wide format digital printer, enabling a full digital production workflow for POP displays and short-run packaging work. 

See the Kongsberg XP Auto in Action



1. The out-stack adjusts automatically so its top is at a constant level. It can be emptied while the machine continues working on the next sheet.

2. The unload traverse transports the cut sheet from the cutting station to the out-stack. It features suction grippers with adjustable position.

3. The ergonomic workstation contains the main operator panel and the PC.

4. The XP Tooling is mounted on two different Z-axes: one optimized for power, it can push a large-size crease wheel down with an equivalent force of 50 kg; the other optimized for speed, it moves the knife tooling up and down with blazing efficiency.

5. The cutting station is where the sheets are processed. It consists of a vacuum bed with up to eight zones to ensure positive material hold-down on different material sizes. This part of the machine shares the capabilities for speed, acceleration and overall efficiency with the manually loaded XP tables.

6. The System Status Lamp quickly shows the state of the machine (Running - Stopped - Error condition).

7. The in-stack is based on an automatic lift table that keeps the top of the stack at a constant level. It ensures dependable sheet separation and repeatability in the sheet loading. Stacking capacity can be increased to one meter as an option.


Benefits of 24/7 automated production

  • Eliminates cost and turnaround time for dies
  • Permits jobs to be run overnight, unsupervised
  • Enables fully digital workflow for POP displays and packaging
  • Turns short-runs into a profitable business
  • Offers on-demand production with just-in-time-delivery
  • Enables increased design complexity compared to conventional die cutting

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