Full HD Flexo Certification guarantees absolute quality

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After installing Full HD Flexo in 2012, Inci.Flex now is the first repro house in the world to achieve Full HD Flexo Certification. To pass Esko's rigorous certification process, Inci.Flex submitted multiple print samples produced with this technology.




Full HD Flexo printing offers gravure-like quality

Full HD Flexo, along with the Certified quality seal, enables Inci.Flex to deliver consistent, high-quality jobs with sharper images, bright impactful solids and a wider color gamut.

Exactly this quality makes flexo perfect for high-end flexo packaging business. The Full HD quality of flexo is coming closer and closer to gravure, giving gravure-like solid ink laydown of the correct solid density and vibrant color. Full HD Flexo offers an absolute quality that cannot be achieved with any other solution,” says Enzo Consalvo, Inci.Flex CEO.


  Full HD Flexo benefits


What is Full HD Flexo?

Full HD Flexo combines the performance of HighRes 4000 dpi optics with an exclusive screening technology. This results in sharper and more accurate engraving. Thanks to UV technology, the main exposure is a digital methodology which is extremely precise.


Inci.Flex Full HD Flexo certified


The main exposure to UV light is performed inline, after flexo plate engraving, without any operator intervention. This process provides excellent definition of points and line screens, uniform exposure of the plate, repeatability and predictability.


How to achieve Full HD Flexo Certification?

Inci.Flex Full HD Flexo CertificateTo obtain Full HD Flexo Certification, Esko specialists check the quality of several full HD flexo print samples according to published parameters. Once certification is granted, customers receive their personal certificate and a set of marketing tools, allowing them to use the Esko Full HD Flexo Certification logo.

Full HD Flexo Certified companies give their customers a high quality standard, signifying their dedication to supply the best products available on the market.

"Our goal has always been to make investments that keep pace with technological developments. In doing that, we are better able to provide innovative solutions and, above all, quality to the market," says Consalvo.





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About Inci.Flex

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Founded in 1997, Inci.Flex employs more than 50 people and provides a range of flexo and gravure printing services to the packaging industry in Italy, other parts of Europe and northern Africa. The CDI installed at Inci.Flex is equipped with a system of UV digital main exposure, integrating the back exposure, imaging and automatic plate loading.
In July 2012, the company upgraded their CDI Spark 5080 to take advantage of Esko's Full HD Flexo technology. www.inciflex.it


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