Full HD Flexo: what customers say

read more about Full HD FlexoJust like HD Flexo is Full HD Flexo rapidly becoming the go-to solution for gravure-like quality.

Full HD Flexo combines all the benefits of HD Flexo with a gravure-like ink laydown and a fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow.

Flexo offers now a level of quality and consistency with no need for compromises.




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The Full HD quality of flexo is coming closer and closer to gravure, giving gravure-like solid ink laydown of the correct solid density and vibrant color. Full HD Flexo offers an absolute quality that cannot be achieved with any other solution,


Enzo Consalvo, Inci.Flex CEO.


Inci.Flex is the first repro house worldwide that achieved Full HD Flexo Certification.


Clicherlux, based in Valinhos near São Paulo (Brazil), is one of the largest tradeshops offering the most flexo plate services in Latin America.

I can say we have reached the quality of offset printing, with no gain, or bump-up curves. Full HD Flexo is really producing the full tonal range from highlights to shadows. An Esko CDI digital flexo imager along with Full HD Flexo is the best combination in the market


Luciano Trombeta, Gerente Técnico, Clicherlux

In the first printing tests using the new Full HD Flexo plates, we had the ‘luxury problem’ of solid densities over a density of 2.0. This was completely unexpected with the fine anilox rollers used. The tests proved that the option of combining flat top and round top dots technology on one printing form offers previously unheard opportunities in high-quality flexo printing.


Holger Stier, Technology Manager at Glatz Klischee.

Glatz Klischee

DFTA-Award winner Glatz Klischee (Austria) is a specialist in packaging prepress as well as plate production for flexo printing and plate assembly for corrugated board.




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