European food information regulations are changing

EU FIR 1169/2011 check food label

As from 13 December 2014 a new EU Regulation 1169/2011 will come into effect. It considerably changes legislation on food labeling. Failure to comply with the new labeling requirements could lead to expensive product recalls and legal claims.

As a global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging supply chain, Esko developed features in Esko Suite 12.1 to meet the challenges that come from this new EU regulation. Let’s have a closer look:

DeskPack preflight

Font size

Part of the Regulation No 1169/2011 state the minimum font size in x-height. However, designers usually work with fonts in point sizes. Besides, as each font has its own x-height, there is no generic rule on how to convert this to point size.

That’s where Esko’s DeskPack comes in. The software scans the design and flags all violations against the x-height. This way compliancy is ensured before the design enters production.

WebCenter Project Management Pre-production Approval

Longer approval cycle

The new regulations have strict guidelines on how and where critical information is displayed on the package. Therefor the Brand Owner’s legal department is added to the approval cycle.

Through WebCenter all stakeholders get aligned on the latest update. This software enables the central management of assets, version control, and packaging approval.

Content Management

Print service providers can assure their clients that the package they produce is compliant. However, they will need to automate the workflow to increase efficiency and eliminate manual errors.

EU FIR 1169/2011 nutrition facts

Dynamic Content plug-in makes any update of the content in the database lead to an automatic update of the artwork. This guarantees the most current information to be published on the package, as well as online.

studio software for designers tradeshops and converters

3D visualization before production

The new regulation also states that all mandatory food information shall be clearly legible in a conspicuous place, and in no way hidden by any other material.

Esko’s package design tool, Studio, enables the designer to see a 3D image of the package before it moves on to production. It eliminates the need to make an expensive live mock up, and helps the designer – and the legal team – to assess if the package is compliant.

Prepare for the future

No doubt that The EU Food Regulation No 1169/2011 will increase demands and stress on all of those involved with packaging design and production.
Surely Esko’s Suite 12.1 software can extensively support you to achieve compliance in a streamlined, efficient and profitable way.