EU Food Regulations: compliant packaging

Companies that manufacture food packaging for the European consumer market are confronted with the new EU Regulation No. 1169/2011 which goes into effect on December 13th 2014.

This regulation specifies minimum font size requirements for the nutrition declaration on food packaging. The DeskPack Preflight plugin for Illustrator helps you to produce compliant packaging.

Minimum font size requirements


An extract from new EU regulation on food labeling: “Font size – the minimum font size of a small character ("x-height") in the mandatory particulars will have to be equal to or greater than 1,2 mm; in case of packaging or containers the largest surface of which has an area of less than 80 cm², the minimum "x-height" of the font size shall be equal to or greater than 0,9 mm”. 


Compliant packaging: DeskPack checks font size

food-compliancy-x-height-deskpack-preflightIn DeskPack 12.1, the Preflight function can now detect text that does not meet this requirement, ensuring use of the correct font size and providing proof that the produced packaging is compliant.

The x-height of a font depends entirely on the font design and can be different between fonts with the same corps size.

A dedicated check function in the DeskPack module “Preflight for Illustrator” now provides a comprehensive method for packaging prepress professionals to check compliancy of a design with this EU regulation.  

Want to know more?

For more information, please check the DeskPack Preflight plugin pages or contact a DeskPack prepress specialist.





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