A new imager for labels & tags: CDI 2420

Introducing the new CDI Spark 2420! The CDI Spark 2420 is designed for narrow web label converters and combines a different image size with greater plate material flexibility. The new CDI Spark 2420 is perfect for the growing tag and label market. If you want to know more, contact a CDI specialist.

 CDI Spark 2420

Addressing growing needs of tag and label market

The tag and label market is increasingly demanding high quality flexo and a wider diversity of printing applications. To address this, the CDI Spark 2420 is designed to image plate sizes up to 609 mm x 508 mm (24“ by 20“) and also handle a wider range of plate materials.

These include digital flexo plates, chemistry free film, digital foil-based letterpress plates, digital metal-based letterpress plates and digital silk screens. Operation is aided by EasyClamp, which securely holds flexo plates of any thickness on the vacuum drum.

HD Flexo for exceptional quality

CDI Spark 2420The CDI 2420 comes with the standard 2000ppi to 2540ppi but can be upgraded to High Res 2540ppi to 4000ppi or to HD Flexo 4000ppi in combination with high definition screening.

 This way, the CDI 2420 brings the exceptional quality sought after by brands. In addition, the CDI Spark 2420 comes with a choice of optics (Optics 7.5, Optics 10 or Optics 15). The performance speed is determined by the optics so customers have the flexibility to choose the optics to match their current workflow and business growth.

Want to know more?

For more information about the CDI 2420, visit the CDI pages or contact one of our CDI specialists.