CAPE Systems joins Esko

CAPE SYSTEMSCAPE Systems, a provider of software solutions for packaging design, pallet load optimization and supply chain profitability is joining Esko.

Adding CAPE’s palletization tools to the Esko portfolio provides benefits for both ArtiosCAD and CAPE users and will offer further optimizations for the complete packaging supply chain.

CAPE and Esko’s solutions were already tightly integrated: there are close links between ArtiosCAD, and CAPE PACK, which uses ArtiosCAD data for calculation and simulations within the software.

Additionally, CAPE reports can already be managed within Esko’s WebCenter online packaging management platform.






About CAPE Systems

CAPE Systems is an international provider of supply chain management technologies. CAPE Systems offers a comprehensive range of software systems and tools, from packaging design and pallet optimization software, to transportation management systems for enterprise wide and collaborative supply chain optimization. CAPE headquartered in Allen, TX (US) with offices in London, UK.