Structural design in the cloud

Structural design software ArtiosCAD Enterprise allows 30 packaging engineers -spread out over the USA - to work as one team. Victory Packaging meets all packaging production challenges head on.



Complete accessibility

As a cloud-based solution, ArtiosCAD Enterprise captures all of the data relevant to a project in a web-accessible database that is both mobile and instantly available. This database holds the customers’ corporate assets in one centralized location that is always accessible to all of the converter’s operating sites. The data on the server is always the latest version. Contact an ArtiosCAD Enterprise specialist.

The level of accessibility and file verification offered is critical to Victory Packaging, an end-to-end packaging solutions provider with 56 locations scattered throughout North America.

Work as a single unit

At Victory Packaging, it’s not location that decides what project an engineer will work on. That decision is based on an engineer’s particular skill set. The geographic dispersion of the staff makes the ability to collaborate and the instantaneous access to updated files extremely important in the company’s success. Read the full story here.



A central, shared database brings answers

ArtiosCAD Enterprise’s central, shared database easily allows for collaboration among multiple designers on the same project. The WAN solution allows for corporate to have transparency and immediate access to all projects, despite the reality that there are no engineers on site.

The power of having a reliable central database means we are assured of the integrity of the data that we keep for the entire corporation; especially with the web-centered position of the database,” says Kenneth Miess, Senior Packaging Engineer, Victory Packaging.

Read the ArtiosCAD Enterprise brochure or contact an ArtiosCAD Enterprise specialist.




Benefits of ArtiosCAD Enterprise


  • Centralized storage
  • Everybody works with the same version
  • Efficient multi-site project management
  • Offline database caching and auto-synchronization


About Victory Packaging

The 37-year old company (headquartered in Houston) is involved in every aspect of the packaging process, from design and creation to storage, delivery, and management. Victory Packaging provides corrugated, folding carton, foam, and other packaging materials.