European Rotogravure Association award for Thin Parts Fixer

The European Rotogravure Association has recognized Esko’s 'Thin Parts Fixer' as a most valuable innovation. Thin Parts Fixer is important to guarantee gravure printing quality for packaging and publications.

The Thin Parts Fixer is available in the Suite 12 graphic editors: ArtPro, PackEdge and DeskPack for Adobe® Illustrator®.

What is the Thin Parts fixer?

In gravure prepress it is common practice for skilled operators to visually scan incoming files and rectify them in a meticulous manner.

For packaging and international publications (catalogs, magazines, school books) containing languages with accented characters (Asian, Arabic) text accuracy is much more critical than for western languages. The smallest change in a text may result in a different or unwanted meaning.

With the Esko Thin Parts Fixer gravure printers tell their prepress in numbers what line thickness they are capable of printing. Incoming jobs are scanned for parts which are thinner and then fixed in an automated way.


What is the European Rotogravure Association?

The European Rotogravure Association (ERA) supports and promotes the gravure printing process for publication, packaging and decorative industry.

flexo quality support first certificate specialist

Esko's Marc De Mey receiving the Award.