Blow-away experience: Store Visualizer

The best way to predict the success of a new design is to visualize it in a realistic store environment, next to its competition.

Studio Store Visualizer does exactly that. It renders new and existing products in a virtual store. With these visuals (stills or movies), all the stakeholders can assess the shelf appeal upfront. That way they can make the right design decisions upfront on color, shape, materials, artwork and shelf layout. Talk to a Store Visualizer specialist!

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The real-time rendering reaches an unmatched level of reality. It is all in the details: the shadows at the back of the shelves; the small randomness when placing products on the shelf; the many materials and print effects. The animation and physics add even more realism.

Store Visualizer

Point of Sale Material

Branding does not only happen on the shelves. You can place items on the floor or put them up on the walls. Or dress up the shelves with branded fronts and dividers. Present the complete store concept for your brand in the most visual way.


In Store Visualizer you can build your own store, just pick floor and ceiling style and start configuring isles and shelf layouts. You can also work with a spherical (360 degree) photograph of a real store and put virtual mock-ups on the empty spots. They blend in almost perfectly. Talk to a Store Visualizer specialist!

store visualizer

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