The standard in flexo quality

HD Flexo is taking the flexo world by storm. The list of HD Flexo certified companies is growing. Brands all over the world are insisting that their packaging printed according to Esko´s flexo standards. 

HD Flexo users never look back

Edale is constantly striving to improve the quality of flexo printing. Working with the Esko HD Flexo solution, we are pushing the boundaries for the highest quality printing results.

Jeremy Westcott, Sales and Marketing Director, Edal Ltd, Hampshire, UK

Flexo is a more cost effective method of production. In the last few years the quality has increased as has the variety of substrates that can be printed. We are always looking at ways to enhance our service and HD Flexo has enabled us to do that.

Raj Chhita, Managing Director, Golden Era Group, Johannesburg, South Africa

Full HD Flexo raises the bar again

In the quest for quality, the combination of smooth highlight printing and gravure-like solid ink densities has remained a difficult combination in flexo printing. Full HD Flexo will take flexo quality even further than HD Flexo.

With digital main exposure built into the CDI imager (Inline UV2) in combination with innovative imaging and screening technology, Esko is now able to control the shape of different dot structures in one single plate. The result is a superior flexo plate suitable for the highlight and the shadow or solid areas of a print job.

Full HD Flexo

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