PantoneLIVE in packaging prepress

With PantoneLIVE, the digital brand color lives in a secure, centralized cloud ecosystem where it’s accessible to brand owners, designers, production people, anyone and everyone in the supply chain, anywhere around the globe.



The result?
Precise and trustworthy color regardless of surface, substrate or medium. Faster time to production. True, measurable results at every stage of the process. Less waste and fewer mistakes. No reworks. And never seeing products on store shelves that do not meet brand expectations.


PantoneLive and packaging
The combination of Esko's Color Engine and PantoneLive ensures accurate and consistent color data throughout the packaging supply chain

Esko's Color Engine, the central color database to manage color and device profiles, enables the PantoneLIVE color management process across the prepress packaging workflow.

The combination of PantoneLIVE spot color profiles with Esko’s unique and patented spectral ink model provides absolute accuracy and predictability for spot color simulation.

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