What's new in WebCenter 12

WebCenter 12 helps packaging buyers and packaging suppliers with four eminent challenges faced in packaging development:
  1. Manage long approval cycles
  2. Keep every stakeholder informed
  3. Manage the overall packaging process from design to shelf
  4. Professionally handle assets related to packages and labels


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New in WebCenter 12:

Viewer Enhancements

The review and approval remain the central part of any packaging management solution. WebCenter Viewer is further enhanced with more QC tools and powerful compare capabilities.

The Viewer now supports
  • New HSV ( Hue, Value, Saturation) based compare mode to present the intensity of the differences
  • Blinking mode to easily spot the difference
  • Flexo tools to make it easy to do QC in flexo workflow



Project specification enhancements

Accurately capturing design and production specifications is critical for successful packaging development. WebCenter 12 comes with highly configurable and flexible project request forms to capture the requirements and scope of the project.

The enhancement includes:
  • Auto naming of project and documents
  • Cascading fields in the request form
  • Support for graphical labels, check boxes, rich text field...
  • Form builder for tasks specifications



Process management enhancements

Effectively managing the ‘briefing to delivery’ process is crucial to go to market on time. WebCenter 12 focuses heavily on enhancing the process management capabilities.

The enhancements include
  • New workflow designer to build powerful workflows
  • Project attributes and other metadata fields can be used to build conditional workflows
  • Dedicated tasks to create jobs and execute workflows in Automation Engine



Asset management enhancements

Every packaging element created in the development process is an asset. Managing those assets and re-using them is critical to keep the cost under control.

WebCenter 12 is bringing very powerful asset classification and searching capabilities. The enhancement includes
  • Fully customizable graphical asset browser
  • Saved searches with custom filters
  • Nested document and project search




Monitoring and evaluation reports are valuable sources of information for process improvement. WebCenter 12 is packed with graphically rich project progress monitoring and reporting functionality.

The new features include
  • Customizable graphical project statuses
  • Visual progress display with in the workflow
  • Graphical reports in different output formats


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