Suite 12: what’s new?

Suite 12- Esko´s collection of design and pre-production software - is packed with new functionality.

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 ArtiosCAD With ArtiosCAD 12, box panels of a structural design can be tagged such that the Dynamic Content tool for Adobe Illustrator identifies the panel. “Such “intelligent dielines” are a major first step in the march towards semi-automated design.
   PackEdge, ArtPro and DeskPack. The prepress editors come loaded with a range of innovative developments. A good example is combi-press support. Label printers often use hybrid workflows and combi-presses that combine two or more printing techniques (offset, digital, flexo, gravure or flexo printing) in a single machine.

Studio 12: ever richer 3D capabilities

The new Studio Toolkit combines all components of an integrated packaging or display design in one single application. Via ArtiosCAD, Studio links all the way to 3rd party palletization software. Within Studio Designer 12 multiple components can be visualized together while creating the artwork for each component.

In Store Visualizer 12, the entire store environment can be freely designed and decorated from the ground up with pre-set store furniture components.


WebCenter 12: a true Packaging Management Solution

WebCenter 12 has evolved into a true packaging management solution. Specify packaging requirements, manage packaging assets and oversee the entire design and production process: WebCenter 12 creates a competitive advantage.

  Automation Engine 12: workflow automation to the next level
Automation Engine 12 has the Odystar PDF native processing tasks and Enfocus' PitStop server on board. Odystar users can now upgrade to Automation Engine, maintain their current workflow and benefit from a wide selection of powerful Automation Engine concepts.
Automation Engine 12 is designed for reliability and high performance in packaging workflows. Fully scalable, Automation Engine 12 serves the needs of a wide range of professionals: from a small sign maker using i-cut Automate to a multi-site converter.

Color Engine 12: breakthrough color workflow for the entire packaging supply chain

By integrating Color Engine 12 with PantoneLIVE, Esko is the first to bring a color management solution to market that covers the entire packaging supply chain.