What's new in ArtiosCAD 12?

New in ArtiosCAD 12ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular structural design software for packaging design.

With dedicated tools specifically designed for packaging professionals for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing, ArtiosCAD increases productivity throughout your company.

ArtiosCAD 12 (part of Suite 12) comes with new dedicated functionality that will make structural design in 2D and 3D a lot easier. Contact an ArtiosCAD specialist!

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2D Enhancements

ArtiosCAD 12 comes with new dedicated 2D functionality: add multi perforations, intelligent dielines, placeholders and new boards to use in your visualizations.  Contact an ArtiosCAD specialist!


Intelligent dielines


Added boards 

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3D Enhancements

ArtiosCAD 12 offers a series of new 3D functionality that makes designing packaging and displays in 3D a whole lot easier: Add edge bands, implement and visualize partial cuts and reverse v-notch cuts, working with arrays of objects becomes easier, and adding tear aways or indicating flap priority becomes a piece of cake. Contact an ArtiosCAD specialist!

Edge band

Reverse v-notch and partial-cut

'Drag on plane' tool and the 'copy-array' tool

Flap priority


Spatial import

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ArtiosCAD integration

.dwg import/export 

TOPS Integration