Neo 10.1 contains Instant Trapper

For many versions, Neo came with an optional trapping module, the Interactive Trapper. This allowed operators to quickly trap objects in a very intuitive way. In 2 clicks, objects could be trapped towards each other. For more info, contact  a Neo Specialist!



The Instant Trapper
Finally, this trapper will be replaced by the Instant Trapper. The new Instant Trapper has the look and feel of Neo’s current Interactive trapping tool, but it is more powerful as it takes into account all surrounding objects to calculate the trap.

The Instant Trapper is the same trapper used in Esko's other prepress editors: ArtPro and PackEdge; and as a DeskPack plugin for Adobe® Illustrator®.

Free upgrade for customers with a Maintenance Contract
Neo with the Interactive Trapping module will be automatically migrated to Neo with Instant Trapper for all customers under a maintenance contract.


 instant trapper in Neo

 The 'old' Interactive Trapper vs. the new Instant Trapper