Holistic approach at folding carton design & production

Studio software for folding carton design in 3DEsko provides tools for a holistic approach at folding carton design and production

Studio users extend the 3rd dimension and design folding carton packaging in context with the other brand message carriers of the entire packaging concept.




More than just a folding carton box
Many packaged goods come in more than just a folding carton box. For the packaging buyer, the Brand Owner, it is important to see all carriers of the brand message in relation to each other to ensure a consistent and common look and feel. 

Extending the 3rd dimension
Esko extends the 3rd dimension of folding carton box design all the way from the individual box to the final product on the shop shelves surrounded by its competitors. The Studio toolkit from Esko gives the designer a set of essential instruments to make clever design decisions based on the stopping power of the package in its natural habitat: the retail space.

Folding carton design Features

Studio Designer illustrates Esko’s holistic vision on packaging prepress: rather than merely showing the individual items of a packaging project, each component can be previewed separately or ‘in context’. This makes for faster, more efficient and more accurate packaging design.

Studio Toolkit adds easy-to-use structural design tools to Adobe® Illustrator®. The CAD structures provide for an instantaneous 3D virtual mockup of graphics and structure. The benefits of having the first moment of truth inside your favorite editor right from the production data: now you can easily fix any issues while at the start of the workflow.

Studio Visualizer adds the finishing touch. Its patented dynamic print visualization previews a wide range of substrates, printing and finishing effects in real-time. With Visualizer you can share the results as images or movies.

Studio Store Visualizer creates a genuine and hyper-realistic moment of truth experience by putting your packaging design in a dynamic virtual retail environment.



  • Work faster and more efficient
  • No need to work in complex 3D software
  • Catch possible mistakes early on
  • Present your customers with hyper-realistic previews


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