Artwork Management for folding carton converters

WebCenter 12 evolves towards a multi-faceted Packaging Management solution

Originally designed as an online collaboration and approval tool, WebCenter has evolved into a true packaging management solution.  




A multifaceted solution
Specify packaging requirements, manage packaging assets and oversee the entire design and production process. The modularity of WebCenter makes it multifaceted solution, providing answers to different challenges:

  • Packaging Approval Management Solution
  • Packaging Process Management Solution
  • Packaging Asset Management Solution
  • Packaging Brand Management Solution


WebCenter creates your competitive advantage by taking cost and waste out of your production process and at the same time help you deliver Added Value to your clients.

Packaging Brand management

WebCenter is the ideal packaging brand management platform to streamline and control the complexities of brand execution.


  • Accelerated time to market via enhanced communication between internal & external project stakeholders
  • Brings capability to take ownership of your data & assets
  • Facilitates enhanced working between diverse global suppliers
  • Improved quality thanks to better data capture and process control


  • Intuitive packaging briefing forms & workflow
  • Flexible process design and execution framework
  • Gateway to other 3rd party systems (PLM, DAM, ERP, etc)

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