Adding graphics to CAD data

Registering graphics to CAD data in Illustrator

Registering graphics to CAD data

Adding graphics to structural data for a package or a display is typically not an ‘easy process’. With many other CAD design products, designers are forced to convert to another format and manually register the graphics to the structure.


ArtiosCAD makes it easy

ArtiosCAD offers a perfect round trip solution between ArtiosCAD and Adobe® Illustrator®. This saves graphic designers and structural designers a lot of work.

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A perfect round trip solution with
automatic registration

Registering graphics to CAD data in IllustratorWith the free ArtiosCAD plug-in for Abobe Illustrator graphic designers can open native ArtiosCAD design files directly in Illustrator.  The graphic designer now has the exact structure, with all the layers, to use as his artwork canvas.

Once the artwork is created, Illustrator can export a Normalized PDF file that is enriched with the CAD registration information.

To complete the round trip workflow, the structural designer can directly open the Normalized PDF file in ArtiosCAD.  This creates a graphics layer and automatically registers the artwork as the graphic designer intended.



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Normalized PDF

See how to automatically register graphics to ARD, BAG or Collada files.



Free plug-in for Illustrator

Only ArtiosCAD provides a free Abobe® Illustrator® plug-in that allows graphic designers to open native ArtiosCAD design files directly in Illustrator.  Download it for free here.

Automatic registration between graphics and CAD data in illustrator


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