Happy 20th anniversary ArtPro!

This year, ArtPro celebrates its 20th anniversary. Originally designed as an easy to use Mac-based software tool for cleaning up documents, ArtPro evolved over the years into a full-featured packaging preproduction solution. Today, ArtPro’s popularity is embodied by more than 15,000 loyal professionals that use ArtPro for their day to day tasks in prepress departments all over the world.




New in ArtPro 12


1. Thin Parts Detection and Fix Tool

Allows to search in a selection for areas where objects are thinner than a given minimum width. It works on all objects in the file (including live text) but traps will not be considered as thin parts.

2. White Underprint & Rich Black generation

3. Studio Multipart & Collada support

Support for multiple parts and 3D scenes in Studio

3D Guides

4. CombiPress support

Hybrid press is a printing process that combines two or more inline printing methods
Eg. Digital + flexo, flexo + screen…

Multiple printing processes within 1 press means multiple printing characteristics: trapping, preflight, distortion

5. Improved CAD integration

Import all layers from an MFG file, including

  • Varnish information
  • Sheet definitions
  • Dimensions
  • extra info about the Step and Repeat 
6. Viewer Compare

View Modes:

  • View current version
  • View reference version
  • View both: show difference
  • View both: side by side
7. Link to Shapes

Online Shape Shop is incorporated

8. PantoneLIVE access

The project is a partnership of Pantone-xrite, Esko and Sun Chemical to deliver a digital color database in the cloud that is integrated with tools for designers, brand owners, prepress and printers.