Large format printing without bottlenecks?

i-cut Automate - built on EskoArtwork’s Automation Engine - ties the pieces of the i-cut Suite together, and automates the entire prepress production process.


Through Mac or PC clients, operators can easily monitor the workflow. Users can interact when necessary through a comprehensive status job list. Jobs are processed automatically, freeing operators from repetitive tasks.
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Positive customer feedback

i-cut Suite

-cut Automate is already being used by customers the world over. For instance, the professional photo laboratory APLUS, in Nanterre, Paris, uses it to satisfy the exacting requirements of its discerning customers.

Arnaud Le Nedelec, technical manager of the APLUS laboratory, explains: “In terms of printing on rigid materials (Plexiglas, Dibond aluminium, PVC, etc.) for high-end displays, i-cut Automate allows us to manage our web-to-print process in a completely automated workflow, from the acceptance of the order to the printing/cutting stage.

Our customers’ files are supported right from the order, grouped together by type of material, printed and cut out. In this workflow, the only manual intervention required is to position the sheets on the printing and cutting table. This saves precious time, which allows us to be more available for our customers. It also saves material because the sheets are perfectly optimised.”