Quality of flexo print plate production goes up with Inline UV2

The new inline UV exposure unit for Cyrel Digital Imagers now offers flexo printers the flexibility to select the type of print dot – either round-top or flat-top – according to the specific job requirement.

With this new found flexibility, printers can offer their clients the best of both worlds in terms of dot quality.
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Round top vs. flat-top dots
A hot topic in the flexible packaging market today is whether to use round or flat-top dots during the flexo plate making process.

Both have their respective advantages: round-top dots offer vignettes down to zero with the finest minimum dots, while flat-top dots offer the best solids, due to their high solid ink density.


Improved solid ink densities
Recently, there has been a resurgence in demand for flat-top dots to improve solid ink densities when printing on flexible or corrugated materials.

With Inline UV2, flexo printers can produce flexo plates which create either round or flat-top dots in print – thus meet this demand.

With a simple click of a switch they just select the dot shape according to the job requirements – from plate-to-plate or sleeve-to-sleeve. There is no need for different plates or different plate-making capabilities and equipment.


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