From sketch to 3D Visualization

BRUM Design is a Dutch packaging design company that found the perfect balance between sketching concepts by hand and turning them into beautiful packaging on the Mac.

They use EskoArtwork Studio to test, improve and visualize their designs – in 3D: “This specialist software allows us to be even more creative, in ways that were impossible before.”

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From sketch to 3d visualization

“Our design always starts with a free flow of ideas, without worrying about computer technology or software considerations. Once we have explored all possibilities with our client, we use EskoArtwork’s Studio to visualize the design in 3D. The software allows us to quickly try out different versions make our designs a reality.”


Perfect simulation for error free packaging

Albert Klein Wassink, traffic manager at BRUM Design, emphasizes the importance of a perfect simulation by Visualizer: “You need to know that your design will perfectly fit the shape of the end product, particularly when you are designing flexible packaging, like flowpacks or standing pouches. You don’t want the product name to become wrinkled or the logo to disappear behind a fold – and only find out after you’ve paid for the printing.”


Stay ahead of the competition

 “Studio has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition. The software enables us to continue to focus on creating innovative packaging design. We can go from sketching to a working design solution very efficiently and cost effectively. By differentiating ourselves in a very professional way from competitors, we are able claim a stronger position in the market and that will allow us to continue to grow our portfolio and revenue.” Concludes Willemd van Roozendaal (General Manager BRUM).

Read the full story or visit the Studio pages.