Your own cloud with ArtiosCAD Enterprise


With ArtiosCAD Enterprise, carton converters set up their own private cloud to deploy a process-driven workflow, connecting all stakeholders in a project. Contact an ArtiosCAD cloud specialist.


Connect  stakeholders in the cloud
All assets are centralized in a corporate private cloud, a secure web-accessible database enabling dynamic on-line collaboration between design groups, CAD and graphic designers, suppliers, brand owners and production. Easy to use on-line dashboards deliver users and management real-time feedback on project status, task lists and other parameters.



What do customers think?
“We installed ArtiosCAD Enterprise just a few months ago,” says Mr.  Gernot Thiele, Director of Creative Services at Wellcarton. “Our whole Creative Center team is  now working live with the product, creating more than 10 projects per day and are all extremely happy with the software”


60% in time savings
“But what’s really amazing is that with the new workflow in place, it only takes one-fourth of the time compared to before. That’s a whopping 60% saving in time, which is really significant.” Gernot Thiele continues “The next project we have kicked off is to integrate ArtiosCAD Enterprise with our Order to Cash system which will allow us to recognize even further business process efficiencies and savings for our company.”


Contact an ArtiosCAD cloud specialist.