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Trapping made easy
Save time, increase quality and consistency

Use automatic trapping to boost your workflow

Save time

Manual or part-manual trapping, takes up around 15% of your entire prepress time. Luckily, today trapping is an area that no longer requires the intense manual intervention it once did.

With automatic trapping…
You complete trapping jobs within seconds, with global settings and exceptions to trap the file according to your specifications. With the increasing pressure on businesses like yours to work faster and on more bespoke jobs than ever, this is an easy way to save time, without compromising on quality.

Guarantee consistency

Achieving a consistent, quality trapping result is not easy when being performed manually. If a job is trapped by 10 different people, then there will be 10 different results – meaning it’s impossible to accomplish true consistency.

With automatic trapping…
You save trapping parameters across multiple workstations to create consistency between jobs and operators. You’re no longer dependent on the expertise of an individual operator – the entire team will achieve identical trap results.

Save time, increase quality
and consistency

Reduce manual intervention – and errors

With manual trapping, your operator is doing all the heavy lifting. Although some instant trapper tools allow you to apply standards, they lack flexibility. Operators then need to step in to improve the trapping task. But each manual intervention increases the risk for errors.

With automatic trapping…
You improve accuracy and minimize wastage of materials and time through errors. Your individual trapping exceptions can be saved to your design, allowing prepress professionals not only to enhance trapping without the risk of missing an instance, but also to trap on the go when preparing the file.

Make design
changes easily

Existing interactive trapping tools offer file trapping functionality. Their downside? Design changes become difficult and time consuming. Want to move one object by one millimeter? Be ready to re-trap that file.

With automatic trapping…
At the click of a button, you update the trap layer and recalculate and sync all traps with the new design. Trapping becomes dynamic and you can continually re-sync to account for changes in the design – without the need to re-trap the file itself.

Switch machinery
in a flash

With manual trapping, you need to take your machine choice into consideration. But what if it’s then out of action, or in use? Will you wait or re-trap the file and switch to a different machine? Neither option is efficient.

With automatic trapping…
Even if the trap requirements of your job change – for example when you’re using an older machine – the operator can easily increase the global trap setting. All traps will be trapped with bigger distance, while keeping all exceptions and tags in place.

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