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Professional Packaging Workflow with Native and Standard PDF

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One of the main challenges facing today’s prepress departments is that incoming files are not print-ready. This means non-value adding and repetitive prepress work for your business. Normalized PDFs remain limited in their editability, with very little dynamic behaviour. They can also refer to images and other PDFs that are not embedded.

With the Esko suite of integrated software solutions, PDF native workflow is now possible when working with:

  • ArtPro+
  • Automation Engine
  • DeskPack
  • Imaging Engine

Why native PDF?

Working in native PDF:

  • Barcode properties, screening or ink information is maintained and translated into latest PDF ISO specifications
  • Both the graphical content and metadata are migrated
  • Minimal training is required to perform the most complex tasks
  • Whatever the skill level, users can work faster and smarter to meet customer needs

How to migrate to native PDF

Migrating to native PDF gives you a unique opportunity to review, standardize and update your system. A migration should be planned with a phased approach over a set number of weeks or months to avoid costly mistakes.

Migrating from legacy software to a digitized solution is not an overnight process and will likely require many weeks of planning the method that suits your business best. Your business can choose to migrate from its current software to native PDF in one of three ways:

By rebuilding backwards

Use this phased approach by starting at the end of the production workflow, using dynamic marks and step & repeat tickets, then reimplement technical reports and gradually roll out the prepress editor and QA viewer.

By job category

A smaller, more manageable phased method. Choose one category of jobs to build, test and deploy in a new native PDF workflow. This enables you to handle the easiest jobs first and eliminate errors or gaps in knowledge, before tackling the largest and most complex workflows.

By utilizing the best of both methods

Migrate over a lengthier time with more control. Ideal for customers using legacy software that relies heavily on complex custom prepress workflows in the business. Simply choose a job and rebuild backwards, referencing your migration plan at each stage.

How Esko can help you

We recognize that choosing to migrate to native PDF can be daunting. The move to the latest prepress editing software can be a challenging, lengthy and highly technical process. To limit any potential downtime to your business, the expert team at Esko is here to help advise and guide you through the process.

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Upgrading to a native PDF workflow made easy


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