Why 3D is a critical part of today's brand strategy

3D has been around for quite some time in packaging but is it really ready for primetime? Today’s 3D should be an inherent and crucial part of any packaging strategy – just like color, shape and branding. We live in a 3D world – shouldn’t your packaging design and development process be 3D too?

From design to review to presenting just the right product image in eCommerce or social media, 3D can communicate accurate product details, deliver brand consistency and bring benefits to your organization that may surprise you. And with the rise of new technologies in virtual reality, you can create an immersive experience that gets you noticed!

You’ll learn how 3D helps you design better packaging while also giving your stakeholders tools to review and annotate on the actual package instead of flat proofs. We’ll review why, how and where benefits can be found and step through real-world examples where 3D has made a difference to companies like Nike and others.