How Visix is building a banner empire with state-of-the-art technology

Flag and banner manufacturer Visix increased throughput, eliminated bottlenecks and reduced waste after installing a Kongsberg C64 cutting table, Automation Engine and Device Manager.

How Visix is building a banner empire with state-of-the-art technology

Company size
+20 highly skilled employees

Annual turnover
2 Mil euros

Flag and banner manufacturer

Automation Engine
Device Manager
Kongsberg C64

The customer

Flag expert for over a century

Visix, an expert in handmade flags and embroidered standards for processions, associations and communities, was founded in 1903 as Demeere Vlaggen, in Ypres, Belgium.

In 2008 the company changed its name to Visix. It is now based in brand new premises in Roeselare. Visix combines craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology in the manufacture of flags, banners and other promotional textile products using the latest large format textile printers, finishing equipment and production software.

Today there is a division in France (Visix France), a webshop for professionals (Visix 3.0) and a webshop for individuals.

Key to our success is the ability to automate the production flow, and we have partnered with Esko to achieve this.

Stefaan Devlaminck, Production Manager, Visix, Belgium

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The challenge

Bigger & better

Visix searched for a digital finishing table that would match the 3.2m width of its large format printers and downstream textile calendar.

The company also needed a workflow that would automate the production process.

The solution

More capacity, less waste and … faster

With its 3.2m the Kongsberg C64 cutting table is exactly the same width as the grand format printers at Visix.

Automation Engine combines jobs for gang runs depending on substrate, nests files to make optimum use of the substrate, generates proofs and establishes follow-up actions for approval. Compensation settings adjust for shrinkage or stretch on the final product, and i-cut Preflight checks for quality and bleed prior to printing.

Device Manager guarantees maximum production efficiency by automatically selecting cutting parameters and cutting blades on the super-wide Kongsberg cutting table. Operators can monitor job status, and manage and prioritize the job queues of all connected devices.

Prepress is no longer a bottleneck, and mistakes are kept to a minimum. These solutions enhance our craftsmanship even more, while ensuring the best possible customer service.

Stefaan Devlaminck, Production Manager, Visix, Belgium

The benefits

Bottlenecks eliminated

All these solutions have taken Visix to the next level in terms of throughput, machine utilization, productivity and profitability.

The signage manufacturer can now seamlessly operate from file acceptance through final delivery in a highly automated fashion.

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