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In this video, Brock Miller, Senior Structural Designer with Great Northern Corporation, explains how ArtiosCAD Enterprise consolidates all information of every project in a centralized location.

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Great Northern Corporation was looking to manage its front end system better and to continue utilizing the tools already in place prior to the upgrade.


ArtiosCAD Enterprise, an online central database with user login security.

It allows ArtiosCAD users to save and retrieve all assets (CAD, PDF, Word, Excel, 3D files...).


  • All information on a project is centralized and accessible at any time
  • A workflow is now task-oriented, where there is accountability at every level
  • There is better management of overall business, as well as individual/group roles - project by project
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ArtiosCAD Enterprise has helped us to manage our projects and keep all of our files consolidated into one location so design, estimating, production, sales, and management have full line of site. Anyone with permissions to the project can access that information at any time.

Brock Miller, Senior Structural Designer, Great Northern Corporation, USA

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