Glatz Klischee GmbH supplies perfect flexo plates with Esko Crystal technology - Esko

Glatz Klischee GmbH supplies perfect flexo plates with Esko Crystal technology

European flexo specialist achieves XPS Certification for producing highest quality of plates using state-of-the-art Esko plate making solution


The challenge

Consistently deliver highest quality flexo plates to customers, with increased accuracy and productivity through integrated automation

The solution

State-of-the-art plate imaging and exposure hardware - the Esko CDI Crystal XPS

The benefits

Improved quality of plate, increased productivity through ease of use and overall customer satisfaction

Plate making certified as ‘best in class’

Established almost a century ago in Bregenz, Austria, Glatz Klischee has a long and successful history which has seen it transition from its origins producing craft stamp and engraved prints to now being a leading supplier of flexographic plates to customers across Europe.

Glatz was among the first flexo plate producers to receive ‘best in class’ certification under the XPS Crystal Program from Esko. The program was developed to recognize those businesses that consistently produce superior flexo plates, which lead to superior flexographic print quality. Esko certification ensures the entire supply chain can meet the exacting needs and requirements of brands and converters. Here, Mr Manfred Schrattenthaler (CEO, Glatz Klischee GmbH) discusses how certification gives assurances to customers, and how using the Esko CDI Crystal XPS integrated plate making solution delivers perfect plates in terms of predictable and accurate quality and the highest plate making consistency available, for any given photopolymer.

Watch the video now, and discover how the Esko CDI Crystal XPS has helped Glatz Klischee achieve certification for producing ‘perfect plates’

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