Flexográfico uses CDI Spark, HD Flexo & WebCenter to improve speed and flexibility, without compromising on quality

One of Spain’s leading signage and corrugated packaging print companies, Flexográfico has embraced Esko technology to meet changing customer demands

The customer

Flexográfico, Valencia, Spain

With more than 40 years’ experience delivering sign and packaging solutions to its global customer base, Flexográfico has earned an excellent reputation for its offset, flexographic and digital printing services.

Committing to an ambitious program of continuous investment in new technology in order to ensure it maintained its leading position in the sector, Flexográfico has evolved to specialize in every aspect of digital printing and graphic arts.

Now one of the leading packaging print production companies in Spain, Flexográfico counts global businesses such as Danone, Cuétara, Alnut, Gallina Blanca and leading wine brands among its impressive client roster. In flexo plate manufacturing, graphic design and packaging production, Flexográfico has achieved in three years what many others can take 25 years to accomplish. As its customer base has increased, the business has needed to expand its operational capabilities to service the growing demand.

“Clients choose us because of our professionalism and that we are able to meet the needs of an ever-changing market,” said Julian Martinez, manager of Flexográfico.

“If there was no way for us to provide the quality that the market demands - and that some of our competitors can indeed offer - it might prove difficult for us to achieve such success. But thanks to companies like Esko developing new and advanced technologies, we are always able to provide our clients with the best service,” said Julian.

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Thanks to companies like Esko developing new and advanced technologies, we are always able to provide our clients with the best service.

Julián Martínez López, Manager, Flexográfico, Spain

The challenge

Meet growing customer demands, without compromising quality

Evolving industry and customer demands mean that Flexográfico has had to be increasingly fast and reactive in its operations, while still consistently delivering the highest quality end result. “Ensuring file accuracy and obtaining approvals have historically been responsible for some of the biggest delays in the print process,” said Julian. “We recognized the importance of connecting with our customers and their marketing departments, and how communicating more accurately and quickly could help expedite any project.”

“We are one of the largest companies in the packaging sector in Spain and our fantastic workforce is complemented by structured and standardized production processes,” he added. “Having invested in state-of-the art equipment, it was logical that we then ensured our packaging management solution was able to maximize our efficiency.”

Flexográfico has worked with Esko for a number of years, dating back to when the company took its first steps in flexography. “Our business required a technological step forward in order to maintain the high-quality standards that had always characterized our company,” Julian said. “Esko provided both hardware and software solutions that complemented each other and enabled us to achieve optimum print performance and quality, so it was natural that we would work with them again as we continued to grow.”


Esko provided both hardware and software solutions that complemented each other and enabled us to achieve optimum print performance and quality, so it was natural that we would work with them again now.

Julián Martínez López, Manager, Flexográfico, Spain

The solution

Integrated software and hardware solutions

Flexográfico has built an enviable reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and being a dedicated proponent of innovation. With some of the largest brands in Europe among its client base, if Flexográfico was to successfully meet growing demand without compromising on quality, it was vital to have access to new technologies that would enable the business to meet these changing and demanding customer requirements.

“We know that Esko solutions have been developed in line with flexographic printing trends and we are familiar with how reliable they are,” said Julian. “By investing in the Esko ecosystem, we joined up the process from design to finish. We were able to reduce delays in obtaining file approvals and ultimately boost our overall efficiency. Our first step into this future was the acquisition of our Esko CDI Spark 5080, which immediately helped us increase productivity and ensure optimum quality in our flexo platemaking,” said Julian.

The CDI Spark 5080, which produces flexo plates with HD Flexo screening for the finest print quality, is a Click to Print flexo plate imager that accommodates all digital photopolymer plates, ablative film or polyester-based letterpress plates, enabling Flexográfico to meet the requirements of each and every job it runs.

“The hardware was only the first part of the ecosystem,” said Julian. “We invested in Esko WebCenter to enable us to streamline activities from specification and design through to production, by sharing files with all stakeholders for approval and collaboration.”

With the latest version of WebCenter, customers can preview their packaging designs in 3D, including transparency and print finishing effects, in the standard web browser of their own desktop computers or even mobile devices.

“Esko WebCenter connects Flexográfico with our customers,” added Julian. “The technology has enabled us to establish strong partnerships, where we act as back-up for our customers marketing and technical departments, with trusted certified testing systems, prepress software and measurement and control devices,” he said.

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By investing in the Esko ecosystem, we joined up the process from design to finish.

Julián Martínez López, Manager, Flexográfico, Spain

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The benefits

Better communication, better results

Flexográfico relies on Esko solutions every day for the high-quality production of flexible packaging, labels, corrugated cardboard boxes and offset folding cartons. Specific projects include wine bag-in-box packaging, toy boxes, micro-flute packaging, and files for digital printing with clients including Nestlé, Danone, Gallina Blanca and El Pozo.

“We work with the largest brands in Spain and we are renowned for our flexibility and capability to deliver whatever is required by our clients – another thing we have in common with our colleagues at Esko,” added Julian. “It was in our plan to acquire the CDI Spark 5080 at the end of 2019 but we brought our plans forward and we clearly made the right decision. We have been particularly impressed by the excellent quality 4,000 ppi resolution that the equipment offers.”

All Flexográfico work goes through its design department, preparing structures which are adapted for die cutting tools. With Esko WebCenter, artwork and structural designs – even files coming from customers anywhere in the world - are checked to ensure that everything is perfect for print. “Esko tools encourage better and faster communication between departments, which is vital when ensuring that the plan and design correspond with the final execution of the project,” said Julian.

“We are incredibly happy with our relationship with Esko and we are already looking forward to the next step in using its state-of-the-art packaging technology: a new Kongsberg digital cutting and finishing table and, looking even beyond that, to acquire another Esko CDI in the near future,” he said.

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