Pharma brand owner Almirall obtains a global overview of the packaging production process with WebCenter

When global pharmaceutical company Almirall decided to change its strategy for managing the packaging production process, Esko WebCenter was its solution of choice.


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Annual turnover
769 million Euros

Company size
1,800 employees

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Global pharma brand owner with Spanish roots

Almirall is a global pharmaceutical company with its head office in Barcelona, Spain, dedicated to offering medicines and medical equipment.

Almirall was founded in 1943 and covers the entire pharmaceutical value chain, providing a diversified and dynamic portfolio including in-house I+D pharmaceuticals and licenses.

Its products are commercialized via 13 subsidiaries, with commercial capacity in 21 countries in Europe and in the US as well as via agreements with strategic partners in more than 70 countries over 5 continents.

We have doubled our volume of work with the same number of people. Processes which before took months can now be completed in less than a month.

Agustí Mercè, Product Operations Planning Manager, Almirall, Spain

The challenge

2,000 package designs

Almirall manages 2,000 package designs and 1500 projects. Prior to implementing WebCenter, the entire process had been manual and responsibility was divided among different people in different locations, each using their own files and systems.

Almirall was seeking a tool for managing the packaging production process for its products, and gaining a global overview of the entire process.

Over the years, it is absolutely clear that we made the right choice since many other companies in the sector are now following our lead.

Agustí Mercè, Product Operations Planning Manager, Almirall, Spain

The solution

Global overview

Although there were other options that were specific to the pharmaceuticals market, WebCenter offered perfect functionality, designed for the kind of streamlined process Almirall was seeking.

Almirall uses WebCenter for managing the design, review and revision process for its packaging, both when changes are needed in an already existing package design as well as when a new design has to be created for a product launch.

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Comparing the cost of acquiring, implementing and maintaining WebCenter, with the benefits, it is difficult to understand why all businesses don’t use it. The return on investment is amazingly fast, and it continues to deliver more benefits over time.

Agustí Mercè, Product Operations Planning Manager, Almirall, Spain

The benefits

Getting to market faster

Once WebCenter was introduced, Almirall benefited from a completely integrated and centralized packaging production process.

More than 300 users in the medical, design quality and marketing departments, as well as external design agencies and partners, have now integrated WebCenter as a routine part of their work.

All stakeholders can access the tool 24/7 in the office or on mobile devices.

The WebCenter workflow engine is linked to the entire production workflow. It includes all job information needed for implementing the process and for enabling monitoring and follow-up, fundamental requirements for saving time and getting to market faster.

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