HÖHN-Gruppe remains true to Kongsberg - Esko

In 1985, the Ulm-based HÖHN-Gruppe, renowned for its folding boxes and displays, installed one of the first Kongsberg tables in Germany. Continuing tradition, the company confirmed its confidence in Esko's Kongsberg tables by investing in two Kongsberg XL20 which will mainly be used for sample-making and finishing small production runs.

"With yearly more than 1600 orders for high-quality product presentations, we have a dedicated sample-making department and are no longer able to cover this production volume with just one Kongsberg," says Sebastian Haug, Managing Director of the HÖHN-Gruppe. Wolfgang Neubert, head of the Creative Center, adds: "Esko's product demonstration in Ghent was very impressive from both a technical and a commercial perspective. For us there's no cutting and milling system more reliable or robust than the Kongsberg. And I can tell we have thoroughly inspected its competitors on the market."

HÖHN highly values the versatile PowerHead and FlexiHead it uses to cut and process corrugated board up to 12 mm thick, solid board up to 4 mm thick and PVC films. The i-cut Vision camera system is also an indispensable tool for HÖHN as it provides accurate registration. Another benefit highlighted by Mr. Neubert is the table design which enables it  to run very quickly and precisely, while requiring little maintenance.

For more information about HÖHN, visit www.hoehn-gruppe.com.