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Esko celebrates 20 years of ArtPro

May 04 2012

Gent (Belgium), May 2012 – At drupa 2012, Esko celebrates the 20th anniversary of ArtPro, its flagship prepress application for packaging and label designers. Originally designed as an easy to use Mac-based software tool for cleaning up documents, ArtPro evolved over the years into a full-featured packaging preproduction solution well placed to keep pace with the growing demands of the market.

Initially, ArtPro was developed to assist prepress operations such as scanning, editing and color corrections. Soon after, ArtPro alleviated film-based stripping by digitally aligning graphics to CAD designs as well as stepping and repeating single designs on the print sheet. Other important features followed, assuring ArtPro would maintain its leadership position. Today, ArtPro’s popularity is embodied by more than 15,000 loyal professionals that use ArtPro for their day to day tasks in prepress departments all over the world.

“ArtPro’s legacy continues to this day and is a key solution in Esko’s product portfolio,” comments Bernard Zwaenepoel, Senior VP Software Business at Esko. “Central to Esko’s philosophy is the continuous development support for our customers to grow and expand our software solutions. We want to make sure our software tools meet ever changing market demand and stringent pressure. This is why ArtPro still is of as much value to customers today as it was 20 years ago. ArtPro remains a core element of their businesses. For many of our customers, ArtPro has been their first experience with Esko solutions. From there onwards, customers learn how ArtPro integrates well with other tools building a productive, cost-effective - and competitive - packaging preproduction solution.”

Unique technology solves packaging prepress issues

ArtPro is part of Suite 12, a major update of Esko’s packaging design and preproduction software suite released at drupa 2012. Through continuous software development and R&D investments in innovation, Esko maintains ArtPro's role as leading prepress application on the Macintosh computer platform. Packaging QC (quality control) tools such as preflighting verify incoming designs against a profile. Any issue is detected at an early stage thus reducing the risk of wasted proofs, plates, press stops and claims. Meanwhile, packaging-rich features boost operator productivity. Strong color separation tools convert process inks and brand colors into the required print color space — for linework as well as for images. ArtPro delivers color predictability by sharing color information with PackEdge and Plato, as well as Adobe®Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop®. Trapping from Instant Trapper and PowerTrapper, along with the interactive creation of barcodes are just two of the other significant production tools.

ArtPro supports all industry standard file formats, and can be integrated into any packaging workflow. It supports import of the most recent versions of Adobe® PDF, while CAD import preserves all the properties of structural design files. A seamless integration between ArtiosCAD and Automation Engine as well as support for Studio Designer and Studio Toolkits for real-time 3D rendering turn the entire workflow configuration into a complete and unbeatable packaging solution. The result is additional productivity and efficiency gains for the user.

”Prepress operations around the world continue to embrace ArtPro,” concludes Zwaenepoel. “Customers include those enhancing their packaging portfolio capabilities, particularly in the emerging markets of Asia, Central and Eastern Europa and South America. Packaging professionals search for solutions to meet brand owners requirements effectively. Already for 20 consecutive years, that search ends with ArtPro.”