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Why customers benefit from an integrated flexo printing solution

November 03 2015

Over 90% of all digital flexo plates globally are imaged on a Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI), Esko’s digital flexo plate imager.

A CDI enables superb results that before were only achievable in offset or gravure.

With the CDI, printer service providers are able to offer superior quality, while printers receive print consistency.

See how customers stay ahead of competition and win customer trust, when investing in a full flexo printing solution of Esko:

CDI imagers


1. Flexo print quality surpasses gravure and offset

“The challenge for many converters is to offer flexo print quality that gives brand owners a good reason to switch from gravure and offset printing. With Esko's new HD Flexo plate imaging technology, Walle Corporation has been able to do just that.”

Jim Combs, KY General Manager, Walle Corporation, USA

Integrated Flexo Solutions 

2. Significant drop in costs

“We are excited about continuing to build on the production benefits offered by Full HD Flexo that have already enabled us to enjoy a 30% increase in orders, a 25% reduction in ink use and costs, and a drop in plate waste from 25% to just 6%.”

Evgene Lungin, Head of Prepress, Uniflex, Belarus [Read more]


3. Winning new business

“The investment in the new large-format CDI will enhance our offering. We can now meet demand for flexible and cardboard packaging and films, labels, POS etc – and all in high definition, at high speed and via a workflow that facilitates collaboration with our customers at every step of the process.”

Franck Nivard, Managing Director, Flexocolor, France [Read more]


4. CDI with Full HD Flexo: a successful combination

“I can say we have reached the quality of offset printing, with no gain, or bump-up curves. Full HD Flexo is really producing the full tonal range from highlights to shadows. An Esko CDI digital flexo imager along with Full HD Flexo is the best combination in the market.”

Luciano Trombeta, Gerente Técnico, Clicherlux, Brazil [Read more]

Full HD Flexo


5. Your customers notice the difference

“Thanks to the installation of Esko's CDI with Inline UV2, Bischof + Klein is able to execute 'Full HD' flexo printing with high screen rulings and a convincing solid ink laydown. The first productions in higher print runs up to 250.000m also showed a very consistently reproduced quality, with print results exactly matching the proofs. We therefore already have many production jobs to be handled with Full HD Flexo in the pipeline. The positive feedback of our customers and last but not least, the DTFA-Award we've won, assured us we choose the right path with Esko's Full HD Flexo.”

Helmut Wenzl, Operations Manager, Bischof + Klein, Germany [Read more]


6. Innovation that makes you beat your competition

“With some nice automation features and what we saw in the new, evolving Full HD Flexo imaging technology we made the investment. We can now image plates and sleeves up to 4000 ppi resolution, which provides us more options to utilize our advanced screening techniques.”

Rick Parker, Director of Operations and Technology, Cyber Graphics, USA


7. Trusted business partner

“We have partnered with Esko for a long time. Their solutions have been a key enabler to our ability to develop solutions that increase our market differentiation. And we are already planning our next investment to help us maintain this leading position in Scandinavia and further increase our market share in the coming years.”

Kai Lankinen, Managing Director, Marvaco, Finland [Read more]


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