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Packaging printing industry continues to innovate

November 03 2015

HD Flexo: the industry standard for flexibles and labels printing

Artcraft Label President, Alain Paquette (L), and Prepress Manager, Stacey Turner (R), with CDI 2530

Matching the quality of offset and gravure, flexo printing is on the rise for flexible packaging and label printing.

With higher quality plates, that print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates, HD Flexo has become the new industry standard in flexographic printing. Together with very good print quality, HD Flexo offers faster press startups, in which the economy for the printer lays.


“We are excited to see the quality results we are getting on all our presses, along with the ease of use in production.”

- Alain Paquette, President, Artcraft Label Inc., Canada [Read more]


Moving to corrugated printing

Full HD Flexo combines perfect ink laydown with the right solid density, vibrant brand colors, and supreme platemaking consistency. It is the only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available in industry.

Customers report having applied Full HD Flexo printing on paper board, with surprisingly high quality results:


Clicherlux logo

"The results of Full HD Flexo with corrugated have been excellent. We found a significant change in quality. We are able to improve the quality and coverage of our solids. Esko Full HD screening has allowed printers to improve ink coverage while, at the same time, reducing the use of ink.”

- Luciano Trombeta, Technical Manager, Clicherlux, Brazil [Read more]


NEW: Dry offset printing with HD Letterpress

The flexo technology continues to advance. More specifically, the dry offset printing brings some unique challenges, which can now be addressed with the new HD Letterpress technology.

HD Letterpress allows plate making for dry offset applications, like cans, tubes and other conical or cylindrical aluminum packaging. Smooth highlights, clean printing of text and fine positive and negative line work are now all possible, even though using the wet-on-wet printing method.

HD Letterpress cans 2