New crease tool offers improved crease quality - Esko

New crease tool offers improved crease quality

April 04 2013

A new crease tool insert for the Kongsberg XL and Kongsberg XN cutting tables offers improved crease quality for corrugated materials.

The 60mm crease tool for corrugated board improves crease quality over smaller wheel diameters. The increased frontal area allows going deeper into the board without cracking the liner, which is especially important for material with high recycle content.

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The tool comes with three different crease wheels:

  • a 4-point wheel suitable for E- and other microflutes
  • a 6-point wheel suitable for B- and C-flute
  • a U-shaped wheel for double wall corrugated


The 60mm Crease Tool fits the standard tool insert fixture of the FlexiHead, MultiCUT, MultiCUT HP and the PowerHead. The tool can easily be added to any Kongsberg XN, Kongsberg XL or Kongsberg i-XL table without the need for a software update. Contact a tool specialist.